Abbotsford BC

Current Executive and Members


Trish L.

Stephanie G.


President: Katriana V.

Vice-President: Marina V.

Secretary: Larissa  R.

Treasurer:  Sherise G.

Club Reporter & Website:  Marina V.

Junior Club Reporters: Carter D. and Madison M.

Senior Safety Officer: Chayan O.  

Junior Safety Officers: Alyssa O. and Isabel G.

Happy People : Marina V, Summer G, Camryn H, and Sophia G. 

2016 Members and Projects

Loreal G. | Junior Leader - (JL)  

Sherise G.| Maromac Sir Memphis - Memphis (Unit 6), (JL)

Madelyn G. | B.N Shade (Unit 8) 

Ryley-Ray W. My Muddy Valentine (Unit 6)  

Kaila F. | O Sugah - Sugah (Unit 5)   

Katriana V.| Bonalta Bud -Dahlia (Unit 4) 

Marina V.| Driving Miss Daisy - Daisy (Unit 3)

Isabel G.|Sun Country Spirit - Spirit  (Unit 2) 

Alyssa O. | Can't Beat This Chikk - Chikk (Unit 3)

Madison M. Wildwood Boots -Boots (Unit 2)  

Sophia G. | Coals War Leo -Leo (Unit 2)

Summer G. | DFL Hickory Oak - Bailey (Unit 1) 

Camryn H. | San Taris Dual Holly - Holly (Unit 1) 

Past Executives

2016 Executive
President: Katriana V.
Vice President: Kalia F.
Secretary: Loreal G.
Treasurer: Sherise G.
Club Reporter + Website: Marina V.
Safety Officer: Madelyn G.
Happy People: Marina V, Sophia G, Isabel G, Summer G,
Madison M, Ryley Ray W, and Alyssa O. 
Leaders:  Trish L. and Stephanie G.
2015 Executive
President: Averie R.L
Vice President: Madelyn G.
Secretary: Loreal G.
Treasurer: Katriana V.
Club Reporter + Website: Marina V.
Safety Officers: Sherise G, Ariel E
Happy People: Abigail G, Sophia G, Michelle E
Leaders:  Trish L, Stephanie G, Alyssa B.
2014 Executive
President: Sherise G.
Vice President: Chelsea N.
Secretary: Loreal G.
Treasurer: Madelyn G.
Club Reporter + Website: Michelle E, Averie R.L
Safety Officers: Alexis M 
Happy People: Kate and Marina V, Cassidy D.
Junior Leader: Alyssa B.
Leaders: Marcy N, Trish L, Stephanie G
2013 Executive
President: Devon S.
Vice President: Michelle E.
Secretary: Chelsea N.
Treasurer: Loreal G.
Club Reporter + Website: Sherise G.
Safety Officers: Madelyn Gosselin, Averie R.L.
Happy People: Kate V, Alexys M.
Junior Leader: Tamara J.
Leaders: Marcy N, Trish L. 
                                                                 2012 Executive
President: Devon S.
Vice president: Sherise G.
Secretary: Tamara J.
Treasurer: Kaitlyn N.
Club Reporter:Kirsten H.
Safety officers: Kiana K. + Michelle E.
Happy people: Fiona M. + Madelyn G.
Website + Facebook: Tamara J.
Junior leader: Tamara J.
Leaders: Marcy N, Andrea K, and Tess R.
                                                         2011 Executive
President: Kaitlyn N.
Vice President: Loreal G.
Secretary: Riley E.
Treasurer: Chelsea N.
Club Reporter: Kirsten H.
Safety Officers: Alyssa B, Victoria P, Fiona M.
Happy People: Kanisha K, Kiana K. 
Website/Facebook: Tamara J, Sherise G.
 Leaders: Marcy N. and Andrea K.
Junior Leader: Tess R.

2010 Executive
President: Becky P.
Vice President: Loreal G.
Secretary: Tamara J.
Treasurer: Emily H.
Club Reporter: Devon S.
Safety Officers: Alyssa B, Kaitlyn N, Kanisha K.
Happy People: Chelsea N, Kiana K, Sherise G, Emily H.

Leaders: Marcy Neudorf, Ian Hastie and Shelagh Niblock 

2009 Executive 
President: Tess R.
Vice President: Tamara J.
Secretary: Katie N.
Treasurer: Emily H.
Club reporter: Loreal G.
Safety Officer: Alyssa B.
Happy People: Kanisha K. and Sherise G.

Leaders: Shelagh N. and Marcy N.

Fraser Valley 4-H Horse (Record Books and Unit Requirements)

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